Groove Type Organic Fertilizer Composting Turner in Peru

A Peru customer contacted us to purchase groove type organic fertilizer composting machine. His raw materials are manure, dairy cattle dung and plants stubble with capacity 50t/h.

At the beginning, the customer thought our fertilizer compost turner is too expensive and he wanted to buy a compost tractor. Generally, the compost tractor is more suitable for small scale fertilizer composting factories. Moreover. this kind of fertilizer composting machine works very unstably. The quality of final composting fertilizer is also not very good. So we don’t manufacture this compost machine. So why groove type compost turner costs more?

  1. Larger capacity and lower energy consumption

SX groove type turning machine is one of the new designed indoor fertilizer composting equipment. You just need to build some composting grooves. With full automatic PLC electric control cabinet, you don’t need to arrange labor for the composting process. Choosing a transfer vehicle, the composting capacity can greatly improved. Such as the customer wanted to compost 50 tons fertilizer materials per hour, using our new groove compost turner costs very low energy and the composted fertilizers have high nutrient content.

  1. Longer working life

The composting teeth of our groove type compost turner made with 12 mm thick manganese steel. With this kind of hard metal, the composting teeth can work at least one year. That will greatly save your cost on repairing wearing parts. Moreover, the load bearing frame is square steel-pipe with 10mm thickness. So the whole machine is very stable and not easy to be broken.

Then the customer mentioned that his materials conclude some plant stems and roots. So he was worried about whether our groove turning machine can cut them up and what if they entangled in the shaft.

In fact, our groove type composting machine not only can help the organic materials get better fermenting, the special design of the composting teeth also makes it has the ability to cut large fertilizer materials. With reasonable designed composting drum, the machine can work efficiently and not easy to be affected by fertilizer materials. As an experienced fertilizer machine supplier, SX is always pay attention to improve the equipment quality and performance. At the same time, the price is always the most reasonable.

If you has the same worry with our customer, there is another way to solve this problem: choosing a crushing machine. For organic fertilizer auxiliary materials, such as plants, straw, sawdust, you can buy a straw crushing machine. If your raw materials moisture content is high, the semi-wet fertilizer crusher would be your best choice. In addition, if you want to crush compound fertilizer materials, we also have the appropriate crushers, such as vertical fertilizer crusher, chain crusher, cage crusher, and so on.

After determining to purchase the machine, our customer said that he want to pay for the machine after the new year. But during the new year we may rise the price because of higher producing cost. In addition, we had stock of machine parts, so the customer paid at that time would cost lowest money and could receive the machine fast. At last, our Peru customer paid deposit at first. Then we began to produce the groove type compost turner. After the machine was produced, the customer paid the last money and we arranged to deliver.

Few weeks later, the customer received our equipment, and we arranged technician to guide our customer install and operate the machine. Rely on the considerate service and high efficiency machines, we won the trust of our customer. Then he purchased another 10 compost turners. As a return, we made him 5% discount.

So if you are interested in our machine, welcome to contact us in time, time is money.