Bio Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Do you know bioorganic fertilizer? Are you looking for a way to produce healthy food? If you can make bio organic fertilizers, your plants yield will be highly improved. At the same time, the food will be healthier as well. Tongda bio organic fertilizer production line can meet your needs. You can produce fertilizer with simple raw materials. Both animal manures and straws are applicable. Isn’t it convenient?

The chemical fertilizers are used less and less for the agriculture. It’s time for you to produce your own healthy organic fertilizers. What’s more, it’s applicable for using organic wastes as materials to make bio fertilizers. An organic fertilizer production line can recycle the wastes and make it useful for your planting. Don’t you want to have a try? Tongda bio organic fertilizer production line can help you manufacture well. What’s more, the equipment are alternative for you.

Bio organic fertilizer production line
Bio organic fertilizer production line

What is bio organic fertilizer?

Bio organic fertiliser is a fertilizer which is made from organic solid waste and specific microbe. These organic solid waste includes animal manures, straws and other agricultural waste. And these microbe are nitrogen-fixing bacteria, phosphate solubilizing bacteria, potassium bacteria and some other probiotic, etc. This organic fertilizer is beneficial to the plants and soil. It can improve the quality and production capacity of plants. Meanwhile, this also decreases the damage by disease and insect.

What can you do to prepare for bio-organic fertilizer making?

For turning animal wastes or other wastes into available fertilizer, there are some preparations you should do for granulation.

Dehydrating: The organic materials usually have high moisture content. You need to dehydrate them firstly by using Tongda dewatering machine.

Fermentation: Fermentation is an important step for preparation of granulation. The unfermented materials are not able to make fertiliser, because they have some toxic elements which will hurt the plants. Tongda groove type composting turner and crawler type compost turners are helpful for fermentation. And, it is suiatble for you to add bacteria into materials for fermentation.

Crushing: It’s time to crush the fermented materials into powders after fermentation. Tongda manufactures many pulverizers for your different organic fertiliers production requirements. There are vertical crushers for high moisture organic materials, hammer crushers for your large scale fertilizer production and so on. For example, If you want to crush the straws, the straw crusher is the ideal equipment.

Mixing: There are disc bioorganic fertilizer mixing facilities for you to mix the crushed powders with other elements.

After the 4 steps of preparations, you can enter next granulation process. Furthermore, these 4 steps also form a powder organic fertilizer production line.

Dewatering machine for organic materials disposal
Dewatering machine for organic materials disposal

Fermenter for bioorganic fertilizer production
Fermenter for bioorganic fertilizer production

Bioorganic fertilizer pulverizer
Bioorganic fertilizer pulverizer

How bio organic fertilizer is manufactured ?

It is time to enter the granulation process after your preparations. And there are some after-granulation processes for making better fertilizer granular. Doing these after-granulation processes, the fertilizer will have better appearances. Moreover, they will be more convenient for transporting and storing.

Granulating: The granulation is the most important process in a bio fertiliser granular line. It is suitable for you to use pan bioorganic fertilizer pelletizer for granulating. It makes round pellets by centrifugal force. You just need to put powder materials into the granulation facility, and then spray water or add bacteria according to your needs.

Drying and cooling: The pellets made by granulators have high temperature and moisture content. Drying machine and cooling equipment can lower their temperature and moisture conveniently and quickly.

Screening: A screening facility is used for screening qualified pellets. What’s more, it is applicable for selecting the unqualified pellets for re-granulating.

Coating: Coating the finished fertilizer granular makes the granules better appearances. Meanwhile, the coated products will be more convenient for transporting and storing.

Packaging: This is the final stage of bio organic fertilizer producing. There are automatic packing scale facilities for you to package conveniently.

Bioorganic fertilizer granulating equipment
Bioorganic fertilizer granulating equipment

Tongda fertilizer drying machine
Tongda fertilizer drying machine

Bio organic fertilizer granules packing equipment
Bio organic fertilizer granules packing equipment

What bio fertilizer productions can you make by bio organic fertilizer production line from animal wastes?

It’s applicable for you to manufacture bio organic manures with animal wastes. You can use poultry waste or livestock dung to obtain products such as bio fertilizers. The chicken manure, cow dung, pig waste, horse waste and other manures all can be used for fertilizer productions. Using these as materials, you can manufacture fertilisers with following types:

Poultry bio organic manure: The most popular poultry manure fertilizer is chicken manure fertiliser.

Bio organic livestock fertilizer:

  • Horse manure fertilizer
  • Pig waste organic fertilizers
  • Bio organic cow dung fertilizers

There are many other animal wastes. They are widely used for bio organic fertilizers production line, including turkey poop fertilizer, guano fertilizer, bat guano fertilizer, vermicompost fertilizer, an so on.

Cow dung fertilizer machine

Cow dung fertilizer machine

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Powdery organic manure fertilizer making machines

Manure Making Machine

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Which bio organic manures is suitable for the crop growth?

The better soil condition can make better crop. Different soils need different fertilizers. Thus, it’s usable for you to use different bio-organic fertilizer according to the soils.

  • Both the chicken manure and pig waste can be used for the sandier soil. This soil has low moisture and fertility. Because of the high nutrients of these two fertilizers, the sandier soil will be better for planting.
  • There are goat manure fertilizer and cow dung bio manures for cohesive soil. These types of bio fertilizers can improve the air permeability of cohesive soil. Besides, you can also use it for the greenhouse soil which is soil salinization.

A bio organic fertiliser production line can bring you good fertilisers. Using these fertilisers, the soil condition will be better. Thereupon, you will get good crops.

Bio organic fertilizer granules
Bio organic fertilizer granules

Aims of production of bio-organic fertilizers from the waste

Using bio organic fertilisers production line, you will make bio organic manure with high fertility. Meanwhile, it contributes to the development of society by truing waste into fertilizers.

  • Improve the soil condition. There are abundant nutrients in bio organic fertilisers. And these nutrients will increase the soil temperature and fertility.
  • Make up for the deficiency of chemical fertilizer. The rich nutrients and elements in bio organic manure can make plants grow well. While the chemical fertilizer has single element which can not provide plants rich nutrients. Thus, using this bio fertiliser can make up for the disadvantages of chemical fertilisers.
  • Provide healthy food for humans. If you fertilize too much chemical fertilizers, the plants will be rich in chemical elements. However, these chemical element will be harmful for humans. On the contrary, the bioorganic fertilizer is healthier.
  • Reduce the soil pollution. This fertilizer has no chemical pollution to the soil, keeping the soil healthy.
  • Increase wastes added value. This type of fertilizers recycles the waste. And then turns them into available fertilisers, making the waste valuable.
  • Increase the plants production capacity. The nutrients provided by the bioorganic fertilisers are helpful for the growth of plants. At the same time, the production capacity is increased.
  • Reduce the gas pollution. When you manufacture the organic fertilisers, it will cause bad smell and gas pollution. However, the bio fertilisers has no stink, reducing the gas pollution.
Machines for biomanure fertilizer granules making
Machines for biomanure fertilizer granules making

Economic Potential of an organic fertilizer industry

Organic fertilizer is made from organic manures and wastes. This bio organic manure process not only gets ride of the wastes of agriculture and livestock and poultry industry, but also increases the products added value. What’s more, this organic fertilisers can increase the organic matter of soil. If you can fertilize reasonably, the quality and production capacity of plants will be highly increased. In a word, it’s a good choice for you to operate a fertiliser industry.

Nowadays, more and more countries pay attention to sustainable agriculture and development of bioorganic fertilizer. If you have an organic fertilizer plant, it will have good effects on both livestock and poultry industry and fertilizer manufacturing plants. Moreover, it can also bring you good economic effectiveness and social benefits.

Price of bio organic fertilizer production line

Are you considering the cost of buying a bio organic fertilizer production line? As a bio fertilizer manufacturers, you should equip a high qualified bioorganic fertilisers equipment. Tongda is a fertilizer equipment supplier which is professional. At the same time, you can get favorable prices here. We not only have complete fertilizer production line equipment, but also single machine. What’s more, we will try our best to provide you the most favorable fertilizer production line equipment and affordable machines.

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