Composting Tanks for Sale

Fermentation is a key process in organic fertilizer manufacturing line. The fresh organic material has too much harmful bacteria. It is necessary for you to ferment them firstly. Through the fermentation process, the materials will be better for using as fertilizers. We manufacture fermentation tanks for sale. This machine can ferment your organic materials in a short time. It only takes you one week for finishing fermentation. Moreover, this fermentation equipment uses automatic control system for you to operate it conveniently. Meanwhile, we provide various specifications for your different fertilizer production requirement. Especially, the customized service is available.

Industrial fermentation tank
Industrial fermentation tank

Industrial fermentation tank for sale

Model: SXFJG-30

Heating Power: 4kw

Stirring Power: 7.5kw

Stirring Speed: 3(r/min)

Overall Size: 4000×4000×7000mm

What is the function of fermentation tanks in organic fertilizer production?

Fermentation refers to the process by which microorganisms decompose organic matter. Organic fertilizer fermentation tanks are industrial fermentation equipment. It takes advantages of the microbial activities for fermenting. There are many organic waste materials, which has lots of bacteria. If there are suitable temperature, moisture content, oxygen, these microorganisms will be mass production. And then decompose the organic matters in organic waste. By using this machine, the harmful bacteria in organic materials will be eliminated, because of the high temperature when ferment. Thus, it is essential for you to equip with a fermenter for organic fertilizer manufacturing.

2 fermentation methods for producing organic fertilizer

For your organic fertilizer fermentation, we provides you two fermentation methods. It is suitable for you to make a compost or using our bio organic fertilizer fermenter.

Fermentation tanks for sale

Fermenter is applicable for you to use it for fermenting chicken manure, cow dung, pig waste, mushroom waste, crop straws, etc. Our organic fertilizer fermentation tank uses aerobic fermentation for decomposing the materials. It only takes you 10 days for the whole fermentation. And then you can get powdery organic fertilizer. Meanwhile, it can also lower the materials moisture content.

fermenter for manure making
fermenter for manure making

Fermentation tanks for sale

Model: SXFJG-10

Heating Power: 4kw

Stirring Power: 11kw

Stirring Speed: 3(r/min)

Overall Size: 2400×2400×6900mm

Compost fertilizer turning machine for fermentation

The fermenter for biofertilizer production ferment organic materials in a hermetic condition. The compost turning equipment can help you ferment fertilizer by turning materials regularly. What you need to do is building a fermentation groove or ranking these materials into windrows.

organic waste windrow turner
organic waste windrow turner

organic waste windrow turner for sale

Model: SXLDF-2300(can be customized)

Turning Width: 2.3m

Turning Height: 0.6-1m

Row Spacing: 0.8-1m

Power: 75kw

Diversiform fermenter specifications for your different requirements

For meeting customers requirements, we manufactures various fermentation tanks for sale. They vary in sizes, production capacity. The smallest vertical fermenter can be 3m³. And there are also 150m³ for you to choose.

Small fermentation tanks for sale

If you have a small scale organic fertilizer making plant, our small size fermentation pot will be a suitable choice for you. Its smallest size is 3m³, which takes little place. Meanwhile, we can also customize for you according to your plant scale.

Large organic fertilizer fermentation tank for sale

If you want to produce organic fertilizer in a large scale, we have large scale fermenter for your reference. It uses polyurethane as insulating layer, so that you can ferment organic materials without influence from weather and area.

Organic fertilizer fermenter
Organic fertilizer fermenter

Organic fertilizer fermenter for sale

Model: SXFJG-20

Heating Power: 4kw

Stirring Power: 18.5kw

Stirring Speed: 3(r/min)

Overall Size: 3100×3100×8500mm

Steps for you to make fermentation of organic fertilizer

  • Send organic waste materials into fermentation tank from top according to C/N ratio, ration of carbon to phosphorus, ration of carbon to potassium, PH value, moisture and the strain.
  • Then the materials will be mixed inside the pot by the stirring vanes. Meanwhile, there is air supply system, which provides air for materials.
  • When it reaches 60°C-70°C, The high temperature can kill pathogenic bacterium and weed seeds of organic materials.
  • This fermentation pot for organic fertilizer machine uses automatic control system, so that the aeration, temperature control and stirring can be atomic controlled.
  • After the fermentation, you can start the pneumatic discharge device. And then the materials will be out from the bottom.
  • Especially, it is suitable for you to release the gas into air. Because our company uses exhaust gas filter device for deodorizing. The finished gas will not pollute environment.

For your information, it is alternative for you to pack the fermented organic fertilizer directly or making them into organic fertilizer granules. If you want to pack them, we have compost bagging machine for you. Or, you can also use our organic fertilizer making machine for producing fertilizer pellets.

Fermenter for Biofertilizer Production
Fermenter for Biofertilizer Production

Fermenter for Biofertilizer Production for sale

Model: SXFJG-100

Heating Power: 4kw

Stirring Power: 7.5kw

Stirring Speed: 8-10(r/min)

Overall Size: 5000×5000×10000mm

Components of fermentation tanks for sale

The fermentation tank is a vertical closed pot. It mainly consists of the base, tank, testing platform, and ventilation device, etc. Meanwhile, there are also bucket elevator and exhaust gas filter device for your better fermentation.

  • There are hydraulic station, fan and hydraulic mixing shaft, which are installed on the base. Meanwhile, we employ two valves on the bottom of machine, check valve and butterfly valve.
  • The tank uses double insulation materials. What’s more, we also apply automatic control system and one side basal fertilizer outlet device on it.
  • There is a temperature sensor in the tank body.
  • We installed a shelter on the top of machine. Besides, there is a system for supplying air.

For your information, the volume is alternative for you. Especially, we can customize fermentation pots, whose volume can be 5 to 150m³.

How can you operate the organic manure femrentation tank for fementing?

What are the advantages of fermentation tanks for sale?

  • It reduces your costs. If you use traditional fermentation method, it will take you much space. However, the organic fertilizer fermenter only takes you about 40m². It can not only reduce your costs on place, but also on fermentation tent. Meanwhile, its fermentation period is short. Thereupon, your production efficiency will be highly improved.
  • It needs less worker for fermentation. Using fermentation pot, it only needs one worker for operating it. And the automatic control system makes it automatic temperature control, mixing, and discharging.
  • Our fermenter has wide applicability. This machine has no limit on weather and area. Traditionally, it is not suitable for you to ferment in winter or some areas, which is cold. However, you can use our machine for fermentation any time, anywhere.
  • It has long service lifetime. The tank liner employs 304 stainless steel, which is anti-corrosion.
  • This stainless steel fermentation tank will not cause air pollution. It is well sealed and there is a exhaust gas filter device for deodorizing. Therefore, it is environment-friendly.

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