Auxiliary Facility

If you want to make fertilizer, besides the main equipment, granulation machine, there are also many auxiliary facilities you should equip with for better fertilizer manufacturing. Our company provides complete auxiliary equipment for you. For example, compost fertilizer making machine is an essential equipment for your commercial organic fertilizer manufacturing. Meanwhile, if you want to make your commercial fertilizer manufaturing with high efficiency. There are some fertilizer machine for you to choose.

Fertilizer batching machine

Fertilizer Batching Equipment

Fertilizer batching equipment is key in fertilizer mixing process. It is a fertilizer mixer proportioner. For your mixed fertilizer manufacturing, ...
Pellet coating machine

Drum Coating Machine

Drum coating machine is mainly used for coating pelleted organic fertilizers. Whether in your organic fertilizer production line or compound ...
Rotary cooler

Rotary Cooler

Rotary cooler is a machine for lowering temperature of granulated fertilizer pellets. It is important in both organic fertilizers making ...
Fertilizer dryer

Fertilizer Dryer

Fertilizer dryer is a machine for drying pelleted fertilizer. It can not only dry fertilizer granular, but also can dry ...
Cow dung drying machine

Cow Dung Drying Machine

Cow dung drying machine is key in cow dung fertilizer making process. Shunxin has two types of cow dung drying ...
manure bagging machine

Fertilizer Packing Machine

Packing is the final process in a fertilizer production line. The fertilizer packing machine is widely used in the agricultural ...
horizontal dry powder mixer

Fertilizer Mixer for Blending Plant

Fertilizer mixer is a machine for mixing powder materials. It is important for your fertilizer mixing plant. Our company has ...
New vertical pulverizing machine

Fertilizer Crusher

Fertilizer crusher is often used for turning composted organic fertilizer into powders in fertilizer production line. We employ high quality ...
Fertilizer sieving equipment

Fertilizer Screener

Fertilizer screener is a key machine in fertilizer production line. It can sieve the unqualified products for improving your fertiliser ...
organic manure compost turner

Compost Machine

Compost machine is mainly used for helping you make a compost from waste material. Compost turner machines can shorten your ...

Organic materials drying machine for sale

This organic materials drying machine  is mainly used for drying organic raw materials, such as fresh cow dung, chiken poo or some other waste. There are 2 types of organic fertilizer materials dewatering machine for you to choose. These two machines are suitable for you to separate liquid from solid organic materials.

Organic materials drying machine
Organic materials drying machine

Sludge dewatering machine
Sludge dewatering machine

Organic materials compost making machine for sale

Making a compost is necessary for organic fertilizer making. The fresh animal waste has too much harmful bacteria. While, if you use our compost turning machine for making a compost, the organic manure will be more suitable for use as fertilizers. Meanwhile, it is applicable for you to bag them for selling or make them into organic fertilizer granules.  Especially, with this compost turner, the compost peroid will be highly shortened. Besides, we also has static compost fermenters for your requirements. If you are looking for organic fertilizer making machine for home, we offer small compost turning machines.

Crawler type food waste compost windrow turner
Crawler type food waste compost windrow turner

Fermenter for Biofertilizer Production
Fermenter for Biofertilizer Production

Fertilizer powder making machine for sale

The fermented organic materials may have many agglomerations. Then it is time for you to equip with a fertilizer crushing machine for making them into fine powders. Whether your materials is organic or straight fertilizer, our fertilizer powder making machine can meet your needs. We offer various designs of organic fertilizer manufacturing plants for sale.

Fertilizer powder making machine
Fertilizer powder making machine

Fertilizer powder making machine for sale

  • Model: SXSF-60Ⅱ(can be customized)
  • Power(kw): 30×2
  • Inlet Size(mm): 500×300
  • Crushing Granularity: 80 mesh
  • Dimensions(mm): 1500×2150×1920
  • Capacity(t/h): 1.5-3

Fertilizer powders mixing machine for sale

For granulating, you had better blend your powdery materials evenly, so that the granulated fertilizer pellets will be uniform. There are various dry powder blending machines. You can choose a suitable equipment according to your production capacity. Especially, we manufactures granules mixing machine, BB fertilizer blender for your bulk blending fertilizer making. Meanwhile, if you want to add some other elements for better fertilizer effects, you can use a batching machine for batching them efficiently.

Fertilizer batching machine
Fertilizer batching machine

Fertilizer powders mixing machine
Fertilizer powders mixing machine

Fertilizer drying machines for sale

Fertilizer dryer is a machine for drying pelleted fertilizers. You can use it for both organic fertilizer manufacturing process and complex fertilizer making line. Especially, when you use a wet granulation equipment for pelletizing your fertilizers, it is necessary for you to use a rotating dryer machine for lowering the moisture content of fertilizer pellets. Besides, it is also applicable for you to dry your fresh animal waste. With the help of this drying equipment, the dried chicken manure, pig waste, etc. are good materials for you to process them into animal feed. Meanwhile, it will be more convenient for you to transport and store these dry waste.

Shunxin drum fertilizer dryer machine
drum fertilizer dryer machine

drum fertilizer dryer machine for sale

  • Model: SXHG-1010
  • Power: 7.5kw
  • Capacity: 2-4t/h
  • Rotating Speed: 6(r/min)
  • Installation Angle: 3°-5°

Fertilizer cooling machine for sale

Fertilizer cooler is often used with a dryer. Generally, the pelletedf fertilizer will have high temperature after the drying. What’s more, there will be many droplets on the surface of dried pellets. With a cooling machine, these problems will be solved. There is a induced draft fan for supplying cool wind. And then you can get well processed organic fertilizer granules for next step.

Rotating cooling machine
Rotating cooling machine

Rotating cooling machine for sale

  • Model: SXLQ-1010
  • Power: 7.5kw
  • Capacity: 2-4t/h
  • Rotating Speed: 6(r/min)
  • Installation Angle: 3°-5°

Fertilizer screening equipment for sale

Screener machine is suitble for using after fermentation for selecting the impurities of fermented organic materials out. Meanwhile, it is a good machine for you to use it for sieving the unqualified pellets. With this equipment, it can reduce your time and costs on unqualified products.

Fertilizer screening equipment
Fertilizer screening equipment

Fertilizer screening equipment For sale

  • Model: SXGS-1020(can be customized)
  • Power(kw): 3
  • Reducer Model: ZQ250
  • Drum Speed(r/min): 21
  • Capacity(t/h): 1-2

Fertilizer coating machine for sale

Coating is the final process before packing. This process can avoid the caking of finished ferilizer pellets. What’s more, your granules will also be harder, which is not easy to be broken. While, the most important advantage is that it will improve the fertilizer granules fertility. The drum coating machine can help you process your ferilizer pellets with high efficieny.

Pellet coating machine
Pellet coating machine

Fertilizer granulator coating machine for sale

Model: SXBM-1200

Power: 7.5kw

Capacity: 7-10t/h

Dimension: 1200*4000mm

Rotating Speed: 12(r/min)

Fertilizer packing machine for sale

Packing is the last process in a fertilzier production line. If you want to bulk sale your products, we recommend you to equip with an automatic packing scale. This bagging machine, as a auxiliary facility for fertilizer production, has wide applicability with high accuracy and efficiency. It is suitable for you pack powders or granules. You can apply it on many fields.

Fertilizer Bagging Equipment
Fertilizer Bagging Equipment

Fertilizer Bagging Equipment For sale

  • Model: SXH-A50(can be customized)
  • Motor Power(kw): 3
  • Voltage(V): 380
  • Packing Speed(bag/min): 3-4
  • Weight(kg): 600

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