How to make organic fertilizer in different shapes?

Starting an organic fertilizer business, there are many choices for you. It is alternative for you to make organic manure powdery fertilizers or granular. Meanwhile, producing organic manure fertilizers, you can use different raw materials. What’s more, these materials are easy to get. You can find materials in your animal farm. Cow dung, chicken manure, rabbit poo, pig waste, horse manure or some other poultry and livestock waste are good materials for your organic fertilizer making. Here Shunxin shows you 2 types of commercial fertilizers production solutions in the market for your fertilizer production.

Simple organic animal manure fertilizer powder making line

The simple powdery fertilizer line is often used in small scale farm. It is mainly used for recycling the organic animal manure waste. You can compost your animal manure for turning them available. Through the composting, the animal manure waste can be used as fertilizers. Besides, producing animal manure fertilizers for commercial use, it is a good choice for you to equip with a manure fertilizer crushing equipment. This machine can help you make finer organic fertilizer powders. Meanwhile, there are also high efficient packing machine for your powdery organic fertilizers packing.

simple organic fertilizer powder making machines
simple organic fertilizer powder making machines

Deep-processing granular fertilizer making project

Producing organic fertilizer pellets, a key process is granulating. What you should do is turning the composted organic animal manure fertilizers into granules. Equipping with our organic manure fertilizer granulation machine, you can get high quality fertilizer granules easily. And, Shunxin provides you different equipment configurations for better fertilizer granules effects. For example, there are drying and cooling machine for lowering the moisture content and temperature of organic fertilizer granules. What’s more, with a screening equipment, you can select the unqualified fertilizers products out and re-process them. Besides, according to your requirements, it is alternative for you to equip a coating machine or packing scale.

These two organic fertilizer production lines are popular among our customers. Whether for your animal farm or fertilizer making plant, they can help you make profits.

Granular organic manure fertilizer production line
Granular organic manure fertilizer production line

What equipment are suitable in your preparations of organic fertilizer making plant?

In your organic fertilizer production plant, you should know what equipment are applicable for turning your organic animal manure into fertilizers. While, for your different making requirement, there are some preparations you should do. Here you can know what equipment is necessary for you.

For your organic animal manure, which has high moisture content, what equipment is helpful for your organic compost making?

Generally, the fresh organic animal manure have high moisture content, such as, cow dung, pig manure, etc. Making animal manure compost has requirements on the moisture content. You had better lower the water content of the animal manure. With a manure separation machine, you can decrease the moisture content to 30%. And it is more convenient for you to compost these animal waste. This machine is necessary for you to do the preparations for high-moisture organic animal waste compost powder making.

animal manure dehydrating equipment
animal manure dehydrating equipment

Which machine is necessary before granulating for making composted organic manure fertilizer into fine powder?

Making granular organic fertilizers, the granulating effect is influenced by the fineness of compost powder. The finer the powder, the better the granulating effects. Then how to get fine powder? How can you turn composted organic animal manure into powder? Shunxin manure compost powder pulverizing equipment is a good choice. It is efficient for your powdery organic compost powder making. Besides, if you want to add some other powdery materials for better fertilizer effects, you can also use a mixing equipment. And then the granulating process will be smooth.

Composted organic manure pulverizer
Composted organic manure pulverizer

Besides, if you have other requirements, you can contact us. And then we will provide you the most suitable equipment configurations for your own fertilizer business.

Specific organic animal manure fertilizer production proposals with different materials

Making organic manure fertilizers, there are many materials you can use. And each animal waste has its own characters. There moisture content, nutrients and stickiness are different. Here you can get different animal manure fertilizer production equipment in Shunxin.

Simple poultry manure fertilizer powder production equipment

For turning poultry manure into organic fertilizer powders, Shunxin has simple powdery fertilizer line for your reference. It mainly includes a poultry litter dewatering machine, small windrow turner for poultry manure composting and new vertical fertilizer crusher. While, if the moisture content of your organic poultry manure is low. It is not necessary for you to buy a dewatering machine. You can compost these materials directly by a composting turner. And after 20 days later, crush the poultry manure compost. Then you can get fine organic poultry manure fertilizer powder.

small poultry manure windrow turning machine
small poultry manure windrow turning machine

organic poultry manure fertilizer powder pulverizer
organic poultry manure fertilizer powder pulverizer

High-moisture cow dung organic fertilizer granules making machines

  • Because of the high moisture content of organic cow dung material, it is helpful for you to use a cow dung dewatering machine. Our solid liquid separation equipment can dehydrate the manure well. For your large scale cow farm, you can use a windrow compost turning machine for high quality compost making.
  • Before the granulating, you should make sure that your cow dung compost powder is finer enough for pelletizing. According to your different production capacity requirements, there are various manure grinders for you to choose. Meanwhile, we also have cow dung manure fertilizer pelletizers. You can choose a suitable one for your preference. Generally, most of our customers choose the pan granulator for cow dung fertilizer granules making.
  • After the granulating, our rotary drum drying and cooling machine can help you make the fertilizer granules in better status. And the granualr cow dung fertilizers will be more convenient for your commercial use. Meanwhile, if you have higher requirements on the size of fertilizers granules, a screener machine will be helpful.
  • At last, for your large scale organic cow dung fertilizer packing, there are single and double buckets bagging machines for you. They can package the fertilizer products accurately and efficiently. What’s more, for better appearances of organic manure fertilizer granules, a rotating coating drum is suitable.
Organic cow dung fertilizer granules making line
Organic cow dung fertilizer granules making line

Nutritive chicken litter fertilizer pellets production line

In general, the chicken manure fertilizer granules making line is similar with the cow dung processing machines. While, to make organic chicken manure fertilizers, here we suggest that you can use the new patent organic fertilizer granulation machine for making fertilizer pellets. This machine is special designed for organic chicken manure fertilizers. It is a representative granulator among all the chicken manure fertilizer pellets making machines. Compared with other types of granulators, the chicken manure fertilizer pellets made by this machine are harder.

New dchicken manure organic fertilizer production line
New dchicken manure organic fertilizer production line

These 3 organic fertilizer production lines are the most common manure making line. If you want to process other types of organic materials for making fertilizers, you can contact us. And then our team will customize for you. Whether for the production capacity, equipment configurations and layout, we can design for your own plant.

Capacities of Shunxin organic fertilizer granules making lines we provide

According to our customers’ different requirements, Shunxin provides 3 types of main organic fertilizer making plans for your reference. Our minimum production capacity is 0.5 ton per hour. Generally, a complete organic fertilizer granules making line can produce 15 ton granules per hour. And here Shunxin has equipment for your large scale organic fertilizer making plants. We can design a special fertilizer production line for you with large capacity.

Small scale 0.5 ton to 1 ton pan fertilizer granulation line

Shunxin small scale organic manure granules making equipment is often used in animal farm. In animal farm, there are much animal waste. A set of small organic fertilizer production line can turn these waste into profits. Our 0.5 ton to 1 ton manure production machines costs less, but have high efficiency. It is a good choice for you to make organic fertilizers as a beginner.

This small scale fertilizer production line uses small moving windrow turner for making organic compost. This type of windrow turner can move conveniently and does not take too much place. Meanwhile, its price is economic, too.

As for the crushing machine, we adopt the new vertical manure fertilizer powder pulverizing machine for making powders. It is a popular grinder among our customers.

As a key equipment in an fertilizer granules production line, a pan granulation machine is suitable for small scale organic fertilizer manufacturing. It has many specifications for your different requirements. Its smallest size can be used in lab. You can use it for test-production. What’s more, this machine is the most economic one among all the organic fertilizer granulators. Besides, it is also called all-purposed powdery fertilizer granulator. You can use it for turning any powders into granules.

small orgasnic pan fertilizer granulating line
small orgasnic pan fertilizer granulating line

Medium 1 ton to 15 ton new organic fertilizer granules making line

The medium fertilizer production line mainly uses new designed organic manure fertilizer granulator for pelletizing. It is a dedicated granulation machine for making organic fertilizers. Different from the disc fertilizer pelletizer and drum granulator, it can only process organic fertilizers granular. For your 1 ton to 15 ton fertilizer making, this granulator is the best choice. Because the medium new patent organic fertilizer granulator is a wet granulation machine, the granulated fertilizers will be wet. There are drying equipment and rotary cooler for processing the pelleted organic manure fertilizers better.

Moreover, this production line is equipped with screening machine, coating machine and single buckets packing scale. In your commercial fertilizer making plant, these machines can help you produce better and more efficient.

medium new organic manure fertilizer granules production system
medium new organic manure fertilizer granules production system

Drum type organic fertilizer granules making systems for 30 ton per hour fertilizer production

30 ton organic fertilizer making line adopts the largest granulator for fertilizer granules making. Drum granulation machine can process 15 ton to 30 ton fertilizer powders into granules. Meanwhile, we recommend the trench composting turner equipment for compost making. There are groove type compost turner, chain type manure composting machine and the wheel type manure tuner for you to choose. For improving your large scale fertilizer making company production efficiency, you had better choose the whole set of fertilizer machines. It includes the composting machine, crusher, drum granulator and the granules processing equipment. Such as, dryer, rotating cooler, screener facility, coating machine and the double bucket fertilizer granules bagging machine.

Large scale complex organic fertilizers production equipment

This large scale production line is suitable for large scale fertilizer manufacturer. It can produce 30-80 ton per hour. Generally, it needs two, or three and even more granulation machines for fertilizer pelletizing. We can design for you. Besides, if you want to make both organic fertilizer powder and granules, there are also complex fertilizer production lines for your own needs. Whether how large is your ideal production capacity, Shunxin engineer can meet your needs.

Cost of organic fertilizer production lines

Forming an organic manure waste fertilizer making line, it is key for you to control the expense. Choosing Shunxin organic fertilizer machines, you can get the best price. We can not only provide you the most suitable fertilizer production plan and full set of machines, there are also single processing machines for you to choose. And the prices are different but the most economic.

What are the prices of single processing machines in organic fertilizer production systems?

There are many fertilizers machines in Shunxin with different functions. And we also provide many types and specifications for your reference. Thereupon, their prices are different, too. For example, we have trench composting equipment, windrow compost turners and fully automatic fermentation tanks. These three types of compost fertilizer making machines are used for turning organic animal manure into manure compost. While, the fermentation tank is more expensive than the compost turners. Because its processing capacity is larger. Meanwhile, it employs high technology and advanced designs for improving the production capacities. What’s more, the compost turners has different prices. The chain type compost turning equipment costs more than the other trench compost turners. Because the composting effects is better than other turners.

Besides, our crushers, granulators and the packing equipment have many types for your reference. It is applicable for you to choose according to your production capacity, budget and preference. Moreover, if you have your own requirements on the machines, we can also design for you.

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How much are the organic fertilizer production lines?

A set of fertilizer production line needs many machines. And each fertilizer production lines have different equipment configurations. Then the prices are different. For example, the powdery line uses less equipment than the granules making line. The production line with high production capacity is more expensive than the smaller one. Besides, if you are a fertilizer manufacturer, and you want to buy some equipment for replacing your old machines, it is OK to buy equipment from Shunxin. Shunxin can provides the suitable equipment at factory price.

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