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Fertilizer screener is a key machine in fertilizer production line. It can sieve the unqualified products for improving your fertiliser manufacturing efficiency. It’s applicable for you to use them in you different process phases, making the products better. With an organic fertilizer screening machine, the unqualified products will be selected out and you can re-process them. Otherwise, you may waste your time on coating and packing them and even get less fertility. Our fertilizer sifter machines employ technological design to make your fertilisers production more efficiently. There are different types of equipment for your requirements. You can choose machines for your preference.

Fertilizer sieving equipment
Fertilizer sieving equipment

Fertilizer sieving equipment For sale

Model: SXGS-1020(can be customized)

Power(kw): 3

Reducer Model: ZQ250

Drum Speed(r/min): 21

Capacity(t/h): 1-2

When should you use fertilizer screener?

The screening is a crucial process in the fertilizer production line. However, do you know what role it plays? Do you know when should you use the screener?

Screening after the crushing.

Using a crusher, the materials will become powders. It’s suitable for you to granulate fertilizers granular with powders. However, the crushed materials may not be pulverized into powders completely. A powder screening equipment will separate the qualified and unqualified powders so that you can mix them evenly. Moreover, you can send the unqualified powder to be re-crushed.

Screening before the coating.

Before the coating, you can use the screeners for selecting the qualified pellets. The screening process will save your time to avoid coating unqualified pellets. The granulated pellets will be sent into drying machines and cooling equipment for lowering their temperature and moisture content. If you use a fertilizer sifter, the unqualified pellets will be granulated again, and the qualified granules can enter the next process, coating for packing.

Alternative fertilizer screeners for you to meet your fertiliser production requirement

There are different screening machines in Shunxin powder sieving machine suppliers and these screens have their own features. It’s suitable to use them for your personal preference.

Vibrating screening facility for sale

It’s widely used in organic fertilizer production, complex fertilisers production, mine, building material, chemical industry, etc. It adopts cylindrical eccentric shaft vibration exciter to adjust the amplitude. It has many screening sizes. Especially, its work efficiency is high, and it causes low noise.

Rotary screener for sale

This bio organic fertilizer screening tool is a self-cleaning facility. It is usable for screening the materials whose diameter is below 300mm. This facility adopts modular sieves, which are convenient for maintaining and changing. It is often used for separating finished product and returning materials.

Rotating screening machine
Rotating screening machine

Rotating screening machine For sale

Model: SXGS-2080(can be customized)

Power(kw): 11

Reducer Model: ZQ450

Drum Speed(r/min): 12

Capacity(t/h): 10-20

High-tech working principle of rotary fertiliser screeners for you to process conveniently

These two equipment adopt different working principles. The vibrating screener takes advantage of eccentric block as excitation source to vibratory sifting, while the rotary screeners utilize the gearbox to rotate.

  • The gearbox system rotates the cylinder, which is composed of circular steel ring. These rings combined into sieve.
  • The cylinder is installed aslope so that the materials can move to screen. When you put materials from the top of cylinder, the materials will be separated from top to bottom.
  • Then the thick materials will be out from the bottom and return to the crushing facility or granulators. While the qualified products will be sent into the coating machine. If the screened materials are powders, you can send them into mixing machine or packing machine directly.

What are the main structures of rotary fertiliser screener machine for your efficiently fertilizer screening?

The rotary sieve consists of electrical machinery, reducer, cylinder, rack, funnel, sealed cap and so on. Its three main parts are frame, rotating screen and the transmission part.

Frame: We employ high quality carbon steel plate and box iron. And the materials have reached the products standard.

Rotating screen: This part uses combined type sieve, which is installed on the cylinder. If you feed the materials into it, the materials will rotate, grade, and be out from the bottom finally. This part can separate the finished products and returned materials efficiently, decreasing the labour intensity.

Transmission: The motor drives the belt pulley, triangle conveyor belt and the reducer, rotating the main shaft.

Powder screening equipment
Powder screening equipment

Powder screening equipment For sale

Model: SXGS-1540(can be customized)

Power(kw): 5.5

Reducer Model: ZQ350

Drum Speed(r/min): 16

Capacity(t/h): 5-8

8 popular features of the rotating fertiliser screener machine

  • It has wide adaptability of the materials. It can be widely used for screening various materials, whether the fertilizer pellets, wood pellets or coal.
  • It has various feeding ways. It’s alternative for you to choose the feeding ways, whether the belt, funnel or some other feeding way. We can tailor for you.
  • It can bring you high efficiency on screening. It adopts sieve cleaning mechanism. It will screen well even if the materials is dirty, improving the screening effectiveness.
  • It saves your energy consumption. The power of motor is small. It screens the materials quicker than other screening facilities. In this aspect, it saves your energy consumption.
  • When operating a screener, there almost no noise comes. Its rotating speed is small when it works. Moreover, the dust cover can isolate the noise.
  • It has long service life. Its sieving area is larger than other equipment, and it has high efficiency. These saves its working time. Thus, the service lifetime will be longer than others.
  • It’s easy to maintain. The shielding can is easy to be disassembled. It is convenient for you to fix it.
  • It brings a good environment. There are dust cover in this machine, without rising dust. Thereupon, it improves the working environment.

screening machine for fertilizer production lines
screening machine for fertilizer production lines

screening machine for fertilizer production lines

Model: SXGS-1030(can be customized)

Power(kw): 3

Reducer Model: ZQ250

Drum Speed(r/min): 21

Capacity(t/h): 2-3

When problems occur, how to fix it easily?

The problem is unavoidable when you use the machine. How can you handle them? Don’t you want to get rid of them by yourself? Here we can provide you some solutions if you meet these problems.

What should you do if you find it’s difficult to start the machine or the amplitude is too small?

  • Change the motor if it is damaged.
  • Change the power supply if it is undertension.
  • Clean the materials if there are too much materials in the sieve.
  • Clean the vibrator and use new lubricating grease if you find the grease becomes agglomeration.

What to do if the screener performs poor?

  • Decrease the load and clean the sieve if the sieve pores are blocking.
  • Adjust the obliquity of the screen box. It may caused by the high moisture of the materials and adjusting the obliquity can improve this circumstance.
  • You can feed the materials evenly to avoid this problem.
  • It’s suitable to reduce the materials if the bed of material is too thick.

How to improve the slow rotating speed of your fertilizer?

  • It’s usable to check the lubricating oil on bearing. Maybe the lubricating oil you use is not suitable, or the amount of oil is too much or too little.
  • Clean the bearing and change the seal ring.

Rotary screener
Rotary screener

Rotary screener For sale

Model: SXGS-1030(can be customized)

Power(kw): 3

Reducer Model: ZQ250

Drum Speed(r/min): 21

Capacity(t/h): 2-3

How to improve the screening effectiveness in your fertilizer production?

There are many factors which will affect the screening effects. The materials and the sieve are important for the screening effects. Here are some tips for you to improve the screening efficiency.

About the materials.

  • Control the moisture content.
  • Check the silt content.
  • Recognize the materials granularity and density.

About the machine.

  • Choose suitable shape of the sieve plate and sieve pore.
  • Choose suitable length and width of the screen surface.

Adjust the gradient of the screen surface.

  • Control the amplitude and frequency.
  • Feed the materials uniformly.
  • If you control these factors well, the screening effects will be better in your fertilizer production.

Different uses of the fertilizer screeners for your reference

The rotating sieve tool is widely used for separating various materials including coal, coke, lime and other wet materials. It is popular in mining industry. This screening machines are applicable for you to use them in other fields. For example:

  • In stone materials factory, it can separate not only large and small stones, but also the soil and stone powder.
  • In coal industry, it can be used for screening lump coal and powder coal.
  • In chemical industry and other mining industry, you can use it for separating blocks and powders.

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