Syria 20t/h npk compound fertilizer production line

Compound fertilizer refers to the fertilizer which has rich nutrient elements needed by plants and crops. And the commonest one is npk compound fertilizer. It contains essential elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for plants. These elements bring crops better growing conditions. So how to start up npk compound fertilizer production line with low cost? And how to get high profits from making compound fertilizer?

In December 2020, we concluded a 20 ton compound fertilizer production line with a Syrian customer. He has learned about compound fertilizer production project for a long time but didn’t find suitable compound fertilizer making equipment. After long term negotiation with our sales staff, the customer decided to purchase our npk production line. According to his feedback, we learned that the whole compound fertilizer production line works very efficiently. And the customer is very satisfied.

Why the customer choose SX npk compound fertilizer production line?

1.High performance equipment

As a professional fertilizer making machine supplier, we have excellent technological team and experienced workers. They devote to manufacturing economical and quality fertilizer producing machines. Moreover, all the machine metals, parts and core systems we used for the equipment have stable structure and can work for long time.
For example, the automatic batching machine we designed for the npk fertilizer making plant. Qualified npk fertilizer should have suitable proportion, it’s the basis of making npk fertilizer. So the evenly batching of fertilizer materials is very important. Thus, we designed automatic fertilizer batching machine. It has precise weighing scale and full automatic control system. When working, the machine can batch different fertilizer materials with accurate weight and even proportion. The quality of final fertilizer can be guaranteed.

2.Reasonable and free layout

The customer from Syria has enough large place and budget to purchase a large npk compound fertilizer production line with capacity of 20t/h. But as a freshman of making fertilizer, how to choose npk fertilizer production line and make reasonable layout?

Our 20t/h npk compound fertilizer production line contains complete processes:
Batching of fertilizer materials: as mentioned above, the batching of fertilizer materials is very important. In large compound fertilizer making plant, we equip our bin dynamic batching machine, with stable structure and performance, it make sure the smoothly running of the whole fertilizer producing line.

Evenly mixing: after batching, evenly mixing is the basis of granulating. Double shafts fertilizer mixing machine mainly consists of two opposite mixing shafts. When working in fertilizer production plants, the two shafts rotates at the same time, materials get continuously mixing and turning. Except for making npk compound fertilizer, it also can be used for other fertilizer producing plants, such as organic fertilizer making factory and bulk blending fertilizer production line.

Granulating process: granulating is the key process in a complete fertilizer producing factory. For the 20t/h npk compound fertilizer production line in Syria, we choose large scale rotary drum granulator. It’s a kind of typical wet fertilizer pelletizing machine, especially excellent in compound fertilizer making factories. Using rotating drum granulator, the moisture content of fertilizer materials need to be about 30%. When granulating, materials are fed into the machine and then rolling with the high speed rotating granulating drum and agglomerate into fertilizer balls. After being granulated, the pellets discharge from the low end from the granulator.

Drying and cooling: because of the drum granulator adopts high temperature wet granulating method, the final fertilizer granules are always in high temperature, and the moisture content is also not suitable. So it’s necessary to use drying and cooling machine.Our fertilizer drying machine and rotary cooling machine use integrally-formed spiral tube. Working with hot blast furnace, these two machine can dry and cool fertilizer granules by flowing wind.

Packing of final fertilizer pellets: after finishing the above procedures, a package machine is used for packing the fertilizer granules into bags. Packed fertilizers can be protected from water, dust and sunlight, which can greatly make sure fertilizer granules quality and fertility. In addition, the transportation and selling can be more easily.

3.Installation and operating guidance

For new owner of fertilizer making plant who doesn’t know very much about fertilizer producing machines, we can provide free installing and operating guidance. Such as our Syrian customer, after he receiving our npk compound fertilizer making equipment, we arranged technician to send him installing videos and operation instruction about the compound fertilizer production line. During the installing, our technician was online all the time to solve the customer’s problem. If you are also a freshman of making fertilizer, we can also arrange technicians to your site and install the machines for you.
Moreover, in the year after you received our machine, you can get our warranty service. During the year, if your npk compound fertilizer production line is damaged by non-human activities, we can post relevant machine parts to you, or repair the machine to your site.