Fertilizer Pan Granulator Video Collections

Tongda pan granualtor is a popular fertilizer granulation machine in fertilizer granules manufacturing plant. It has high granulation rate. And you can control the size of pelleted fertilizers conveniently. This machine is suitable for your both organic fertilizer granulation and compound fertilizer granules making line. Especially, it is economic for your small scale fertilizer production requirements. There many specifications in Tondga for your reference. Here are some videos about our pan granulation equipment.

How does Tongda pan granulation machine work?

Pan fertilizer granulation machine pelletizes your materials by rotating disk. And there is a scraper for avoiding the materials being sticky. Meanwhile, we can also install the water dpraying device on the machine for controlling the moisture content of powdery materials.


Tongda brand new manufactured small scale pan granulator unload testing in working performance


Disc pelletizer works 0n granular fertilizer production line

Pan type granulating machine is a key equipment for fertilizer granules production line. How does it work in the whole fertilizer production line?


A 3t/hour pan granulation machine is making granular fertilizer in a fertilizer production line


Small size pan fertilizer granulation machine for lab use

Tongda disc fertilizer pelletizer has many specifications for your different requirements. Here you can see smallest size pan granulation machine for lab use.


TDYZ-500 tests running in Tongda fertilizer making machine plant


How does Tongda pan granulation run for bentonite granules making?

Disc pan granulation machine can pelletize your bentonite granules effictively. Here is the test running of Tongda plate type bentonite granulator. For your information, if you have interests on the bentonite granules making, we provides complete processing machine for turning bentonite powder into granules.


Our customer is testing the bentonite granulation effects by using our disc pan granulator


How does Tongda load the pan granulator for delivering to our clients?


Tongda customized pan granulation machine delivers for our Indonesian customer

It is available for customizing the fertilizer pan granulation machine. According to your different requirements, the color, production capacity, materials and auxiliary devices are alternative. You can get satisfying fertilizer granulator in Tongda.


Customized sliver pan granulator delivers to our Indonesian customer for chicken manure fertilizer processing

Tongda pan granulator test running for our customer from South Africa with Iron Ore as materials

Disc granulator is a popular equipment for processing powder into granules. Our South African customer want to use iron ore as materials for pan pelletizing. And this video is about the test running.

Tongda pan granulation machine turns powdery iron ore into granules

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